Client R is an immigrant South Asian female in her early 50s who experienced a history of childhood abuse and domestic violence (physical, sexual, emotional, financial and religious abuse) from her husband. She disclosed of a long history of severe depression, multiple suicide attempts, and chronic pain as a result of her abuse and the barriers she faced in leaving her relationship. Client R was confined to her bed for approximately 20 years and was unable to care for her herself and her daughter. After the first EMDR session, R contacted Daya’s counselor to report she felt a dramatic decrease in pain just hours after the session. EMDR has also contributed to a shift in her thought process about her trauma. With each new target, R has been highly motivated to explore the long lasting effects of the violence. Recently, during a session, R stated that for the first time, she understood that she deserved love and deserves independence. As we continue to work on past traumas and current negative cognitions, R’s pain levels continue to decrease. At each appointment, Daya’s counselor sees a significant difference in her demeanor – she’s becoming more energized, speaking with more confidence, and smiling and laughing more often. R now has the energy to deepen her self-reflection and compassion towards herself, improve her wellbeing, and focus on working towards legal independence with regards to her immigration status. She now feels less fear in speaking with attorneys, she has increasing trust in the legal process, and is more optimistic about her future.