Clothing Donation
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We accept clothing donation on a limited basis, please read the frequently asked questions below to understand how we accept clothing donations and what to expect with your donated items, particularly if you choose to donate South Asian clothing. If you have additional questions please email us at


Please note that our helpline is reserved for client service calls only. 

Please direct ALL clothing donation questions and concerns to ReUse at 713-644-6272

Daya is happy to provide you a receipt for your donation, however the IRS requires donors to provide the value of the items. Information on valuing your donation can be found HERE


For a receipt, please email with your full name, address, phone number, date of donation, and the value of donation.


How does Daya accept clothing donations?

While we do accept clothing donations, we do not accept clothing donations on an ongoing basis.

2-3 times per year, we partner with ReUse Textile & Recycling for clothing drives that are advertised on social media and our website. At these clothing drives, we accept clothing and linens (in good condition) of all genders and sizes including South Asian clothes. Donating through ReUse is an easy, convenient way to donate gently used clothing to help Daya raise funds to assist in our mission. Plus you make a difference to the environment by helping to extend the life of unwanted items by keeping them out of landfills!

How does textile recycling reduce waste?

Donating to ReUse supports sustainability and supports the US economy. ReUse enables the collection of used textiles, footwear, and accessories. These items are then processed here in the US. The processing creates jobs supporting our local economy.

Donated textiles and other articles are then divided into 2 major categories:

  1. All reusable textiles and accessories are exported to various countries where the local population gets affordable clothing and accessories.

  2. Those Textiles and articles that cannot be worn or reused are repurposed. For example, torn T-shirts are repurposed into wiping rags and denim is repurposed into home insulation products!

Where can I drop off clothing for the clothing drive?

Donation drives have typically occurred in a central area of Houston in venues such as parking lots that allow donors to drive up and drop off their bagged donations with minimal effort. We will advertise the location with each clothing drive.

I don’t live in Houston but heard about the clothing drive, can I mail the donations to Daya?

No, we do not accept donations through the mail.

Does the clothing go directly to Daya clients to use and wear?

While your clothing donations may not go directly to Daya clients, we receive 10 cents per pound of donated clothing - funds that go back to supporting our clients. Throughout the year when clients need clothing, our caseworkers visit the ReUseTRS warehouse and select clothing at no cost. In 2020, several of our clients have received clothing and blankets for themselves and their children as a direct result of this partnership. The funds raised via these clothing donation drives provide for client support in areas such as child care, driving lessons and grocery cards, which are critical to help fill funding gaps.

Can I schedule a home pickup of my clothing donation?

During 2020 and Covid-19, Reuse was able to provide a van pick up of clothing donations left outside homes, in order to provide a safe, contact less donation opportunity. Daya is NOT involved in the logistics of registering for a pick up drive, the schedule of pick ups nor the decisions made by Reuse to conduct or reschedule pickups. This was a service provided by ReUse in response to the Covid situation. ReUse anticipates that they will go back to having donation drop off days in the spring of 2021! Please follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter in order to be informed of these opportunities for donations.

I would like to donate clothing outside of your scheduled drives. What are my options?

For donations that cannot wait until a scheduled Daya Clothing Drive, please contact ReUse at 713-644-6272 or email them at, if they will accept a drop off at their warehouse near NRG. Please mention the donation is for Daya.

What items can I donate at one of your drives?

  • Used clothing of all ages, genders, including South Asian garments
  • Shoes
  • Soft household linens such as towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, tablecloths

Can I donate my like-new Indian/Pakistani festive clothing during these drives such as saris, lehengas, etc.? These are worth a lot of money and I’m hoping you get more than a few cents for them!

ReUseTRS is a clothing recycler that collects used clothing and recycles or repurposes them for various industries. ReUseTRS clothing recycle model

South Asian donated clothing do not have a higher value than mainstream donated clothing, unfortunately.

Exports of certain clothing donations overseas to Africa and South America, support small second-hand clothing businesses in some countries. Other textiles are repurposed into thread and insulation. India does NOT allow the re-entry of bulk second hand clothing into the country so it is unlikely that your South Asian clothing will end up in the region!

We recommend that South Asian clothing that has outlived its purpose but has cultural or sentimental value NOT be donated via ReUse. ReUse will accept South Asian clothing but be aware that it is unlikely to be sent to India nor be reworn locally, since the market simply does not support either outcome.

What kind of clothing do Daya clients need?

Daya clients and their families are in need of every day clothing that can be worn while at work and at school. ReUse allows our case workers to pick out gently used donated clothing and household linens for clients who are starting new lives and jobs. Your donations indirectly go toward helping our clients achieve independence!

Once again, we recommend that South Asian clothing that has outlived its purpose but has cultural or sentimental value to you, NOT be donated via ReUse! While ReUse will accept South Asian clothing donations, be aware that these clothing items are unlikely to be sent to India nor be reworn locally, since the market simply does not support either outcome.

Do you accept donation of household & kitchen items?

We do not accept these at our clothing drive but we do accept household and kitchen items as part of our survivor start-up kits. Please visit our website for more information on what we need and how to donate.

Do you accept baby items & diapers?

We do not accept these at our clothing drive but we do accept baby items & diapers on an as needed basis. If you have new or slightly used items or boxes of diapers you can email us at to find out how to donate.