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Courageous Voices:


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My journey to healing from psychological abuse started at Daya’s doorstep.Though I was never promised a rose garden, Daya helped me build one from the ashes I bought to them.

Courage is taking a giant leap into the unknown. This unknown might be freedom, an opportunity, a new challenge, or even pain. Courage, as any survivors will tell you, is not simply overcoming your fear, but understanding that there is something more important than that fear. For each survivor this journey is unique. (add examples of barriers- children)  Daya illuminates the path for each survivor to reach safety, security, healing, and a brighter future. 


Courage comes in many forms. Your financial support not only honors the struggle and sacrifices that survivors faced, but also helps them take the leap (alongside Daya, with the help of Daya) into a future filled with promise and light. 

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