Immigration Support

Daya is a member of the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative, a coordinated network of organizations that are tackling issues facing immigrant communities in the Houston region. As part of the Collaborative, Daya will continue to share information about issues and rights with our community. 

Through our legal clinic, Daya can provide education and connect clients with immigration attorneys for consultation and representation. 


Daya is also a DOJ accredited organization, approved by the Department of Justice to represent immigrants before the Immigration Courts.

Houston Immigration Hotline 888-507-297MONDAY-FRIDAY, 9:00AM-5:00PM

The hotline will respond to a range of calls including

  • General questions about current immigration laws, rules, and regulations, including the  Executive Orders on immigration issues

  • Reporting a hate incident or discrimination

  • Questions about the rights immigrants have regarding their legal status and immigration enforcement

  • Individuals looking for immigration legal services

  • Referrals for other types of legal representation (e.g. civil law issues)


Nonprofit Immigration Legal Clinics Schedule