From the Executive Director  

As I reflect on 2018, I am proud of the incredible work we have done together and want to thank all of our supporters for their commitment in creating a  safer, healthier South Asian community. I am very pleased to report that this year saw Daya serve 462 clients – the most in our 23-year history! Daya’s culturally specific services are designed to break through the unique barriers faced by South Asian survivors, and provide the opportunity for life changing breakthroughs for our clients. We did so this year by deepening our cultural expertise while broadening our strategic partnerships. 


As part of District Attorney, Kim Ogg’s Cultural Outreach Program, we significantly improved our clients’ access to the criminal justice system, thereby holding abusers legally accountable for their actions. Our participation in a citywide domestic violence task force gave a voice to our clients, resulting in a modification of the standards assessment, which better addresses the challenges faced by South Asian survivors. We tripled our housing funding in response to Hurricane Harvey and our budget crossed, for the very first time,  $1,000,000 with over 27% dedicated to providing our clients with safe homes. 

We did not cross these important milestones alone however, as community engagement has never been more robust or more purposeful. 


More records were broken as we welcomed over 630 diverse members of our community who showed that nationality or religion or age or gender are not barriers to coming together to do what is right. Together we raised over $300,000 to support Daya and affirmed that we as a community demand change. 


As we enter another year together, we embark on a new journey with new milestones to reach. Our commitment to empowering survivors, holding abusers accountable, and ending the silence in our community is unwavering. Instead of – as the adage states – accepting the things we cannot change, together let us change the things we can no longer accept.

Rachna Khare

Executive Director