SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2021, 5:30 PM


Compete to be the opening act for internationally acclaimed acapella group Penn Masala at Daya’s 25th Anniversary Celebration!

We’re looking for some star power to open up the show! Dance groups are invited to submit a video for a community-wide contest to be the opening act at Daya Under the Stars – 25th Anniversary Celebration at Sugar Land's Constellation Field. 


Submit your group’s 2 minute video to , along with a $100 entry fee by July 30. Community voting follows with the winner announced in mid September. Each member of the winning team receives a complimentary ticket to Daya Under the Stars: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, to enjoy dinner and the concert immediately following your opening act performance. 

August 25: Deadline for submissions 

September 1-15: Community voting

September 25: Winner announced

November 7: Performance at Daya Under the Stars

Contest Rules

  1. Submit your group's video in MP4 or MOV format to with the subject line “Dance Submission: Your Group's Name” 

    1. Only one submission per group is allowed. 

    2. Submitted videos should be filmed horizontally, or “landscape” if filming with cell phones, length limited to 2 minutes. 

  2. $100 nonrefundable entry fee (donation to Daya) per group to be paid here: (Kindful link)

  3. Maximum participants in a group - 10

  4. All participants must be 16 and older.

  5. All categories of dance are allowed (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Folk/Ethnic, Bollywood, Novelty, Hip Hop/Funk, Open)

  6. All performances must be family friendly, and songs must be censored to a radio edit 

  7. Judging for performances will be open to the public, however, only one email address per vote will be allowed. 

  8. Winner will open the Penn Masala Concert on November 7 at Constellation Field. 

    1. Your group is responsible for providing your music in MP3 format. 

    2. Your group must arrive to the event space by 3:00pm for rehearsal 


May I use props?

Items such as canes, sticks, etc. under 2 ft may be used. No furniture, sharp objects, fire, glitter, aerosols, live animals, baby powder will be permitted. Any props must be pre-approved to ensure safety compliance


Is the performance limited to any language?

No, performances can be in any language, but must be family friendly and music must have a radio edit “clean’ rating

What does “family friendly” mean?

Daya Houston realizes that dance and art cross a broad range of styles, taste and appropriateness. As the 25th Anniversary Concert is a family friendly event, we ask that costumes and gestures refrain from being suggestive or lewd.

If I submit a video, can I vote too?

Yes! Voting will be open to the public, but only one email address per vote.

What will the $100 entry fee be used for?


The $100 will be designated as a donation and go towards Daya’s programs to empower survivors of domestic and sexual abuse

Disclaimers, Releases, and Agreements

Each participant agrees upon registering that neither Daya Houston nor any Daya staff/member will be held liable for injuries, illnesses or loss of property by any parent, dancer, teacher or spectator while participating in this event

  • Daya Houston reserves the right to disqualify a video submission for not adhering to rules set forth in our General Rules section.
  • Daya Houston is not responsible for lost or forgotten music, costumes, awards, programs, or merchandise.

  • Judging results will be final.

  • Daya Houston reserves the right to move  concert date, venue should the need arise