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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2021, 5:30 PM

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Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, Penn Masala has successfully pioneered South Asian a cappella in the United States. Penn Masala was born with the desire to create music that traversed traditional cultural boundaries and captured the experience of growing up with competing Eastern and Western cultures. As the first group in the world to bring the sounds of the Indian subcontinent to a cappella, the group has consistently been at the forefront of South Asian-Western fusion. 


In addition to performing sold-out shows at various universities across the United States each semester, Penn Masala has performed internationally in the United Kingdom, Canada, and India.  The group has performed at a range of events, from the White House’s Diwali Celebration to the Indian International Film Academy Awards in Tampa. Within India, Penn Masala has toured extensively over the past 10 years, including performances at the Star Screen Awards and the Zee Music Awards. Penn Masala has released eleven full-length studio albums and has written, arranged, and produced several original compositions and have appeared in the the films American Desi and Pitch Perfect 2.

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