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Silent No More - Book Review

By Shazila Siddiqui

Book review of Silent No More by Iram Gilani

Iram Gilani writes a very vulnerable and compelling guide to help victims of abuse find the courage within themselves to overcome challenging circumstances. She is honest and vulnerable about her journey to connect with victims of abuse but also to educate those who want to learn about how to help. Understanding the mental state of an abuse victim is pertinent for those who wish to be a part of their support system.

She shares her struggles about her childhood trauma of being separated from family, being sexually abused, and coming to terms with new responsibilities that had befallen her. She talks about the cultural dynamics of being a boy versus a girl and how the range of what is acceptable/unacceptable shifts. Iram also talks about how pressure and manipulation from people we need and trust can be the very reason we suffer. Her journey of overcoming mental and physical abuse had many obstacles and perpetrators but, she relied on her older brother as a positive source in her life and focused her energy on imagining a better future for herself.

Iram also emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself and having faith that no matter the situation, it will get better. She outlines some helpful tips that helped her during her recovery and healing. She also encourages everyone to find what works for them. This book is written and published to serve as a resource and to raise awareness surrounding abuse victims. “I chose to deflect and rise again.” – Iram Gilani

The takeaway from this book is to rebuild yourself from your perseverance and inner strength. Victims of abuse often see no end in sight and doubt their own ability to overcome their circumstances. Iram inspires readers to believe in themselves, commit to a goal, and push believe in themselves. With faith, commitment, and determination.

She plans to write a second book from the perspective of her older brother who was instrumental in her journey and has mental disabilities. She wants to share with the world how much value he has added to her life and encourage people to disregard the stigma surrounding mental disabilities.

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