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Faces of Daya: Deepti

Deepti has a passion in helping others, as a person who has struggled, she wants to help people overcome those struggles and achieve a meaningful life. Deepti is an active Daya volunteer. Deepti’s passion in transforming lives is evident in the ways she contributes to Daya. She has volunteered to raise awareness about Daya’s mission at outreach events in the community, helped at community educational events, and given her skills as a life coach to work directly with Daya clients. As a professional life coach, she focuses on empowering individuals who are overwhelmed and trying to rebuild a purposeful life. Deepti provides one-on-one sessions to help Daya clients find their inner strength and qualities, develop their personal potential, identify goals, and help them enjoy an overall balanced mindful life. These sessions provide the personal touch that clients need as they work on rebuilding their life through Daya. In her own words, this is why she volunteers at Daya:

My passion extends to volunteer organizations like Daya who support the growth and empowerment of individuals in our community.  I personally feel blessed and overwhelmed with joy by making other lives better. My motto is, "Discover, Achieve, Inspire - Create your life journey."

Along with volunteering and running her own business, Deepti also has a passion for dance, having learned classical Indian dance, she also loves to teach others. We love the unique qualities and passion that make up the many faces of Daya. We truly cannot achieve our mission without the support from volunteers like Deepti.

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