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Community Trainings

Domestic violence is a social problem that requires community-based strategies to address and eradicate.

To increase awareness and support survivors, Daya is proud to provide training opportunities to community members, organizations, businesses, places or worship, or social groups. These  presentations are conducted by a member of Daya's expert staff and can be presented in a variety of settings – from a classroom of 20 to an auditorium of 500. 


Daya provides these programs to the community to support survivors, hold abusers accountable, and promote a community-wide zero tolerance attitude towards domestic violence.

Training Request Form

These programs are offered free of charge and are available to:

  • Community leaders

  • Faith-based organizations

  • Professionals in healthcare, legal and law enforcement

  • Youth groups

  • Educators 

  • Social service and mental health advocates 

Training Topics

Domestic Violence 101: What is Domestic Violence?

Introduction to domestic violence, the different types of abuse, how to recognize, respond & refer for survivors of domestic violence

Domestic Violence 102:  Challenges for Immigrant Survivors

Introduction to the unique barriers immigrant survivors of abuse face and the complexities of immigration abuse

Domestic Violence 103: Confidentiality & Ethics

Understanding the confidentiality and ethics of working with survivors of abuse

Sexual Assault 101: What is Sexual Assault?

Learn the facts and debunk the myths about sexual assault & sexual violence

What is Cultural Competency?

Learn what culture means and understand why cultural competency is so important and the best practices for service providers

Dynamics of South Asian Culture

An overview of the South Asian culture and community, and the unique dynamics to consider when working with South Asian survivors of abuse

Please email to schedule a session for your organization, class, or group.

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