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Helping A Victim

If you know someone who is being abused:

  • Listen and empathize

  • Maintain their confidentiality and refrain from trying to find out information about them

  • Do not judge or advise

  • Never give the impression that you don’t believe their story (even if you know their partner)

  • Suggest they contact professionals like Daya

  • Offer to drive them to appointments and offer support after difficult appointments 

  • Be available to take their calls while also holding your own boundaries and taking care of yourself

  • Offer to hold on to a bag of important items (documents, money, etc.) in case they need to flee in an emergency

  • Help them create a safety plan for themselves and their children

  • Tell them as often as you can that they do not deserve to be abused

If someone you know is in a domestic violence situation we recommend following the three R's:

Accept & Validate
Document & Maintain Confidences


Contact Law Enforcement If Necessary


Call Daya 

Listen Empathetically

Ask About Physical & Emotional Abuse




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