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AAPI Safety & Belonging

The Asian American Foundation has designated Daya as a TAAF City Partner to address hate incidents in Houston’s AAPI community. This program provides safety services, community programing, and interagency collaborations. Alongside our other city partners, BPSOS Houston and Tahirih Justice Center, Houston Chapter, this initiative offers you, our community, opportunities to learn about collective safety, take action as a bystander, build supportive networks, and explore the AAPI perspective on public safety issues in our diverse city. 

For resources and support on the services or programs listed below, please contact Swati Narayan , Houston Director of AAPI Community Safety & Belonging via email at or call (713) 981-7645 to be connected. 

Training Request Form

Victims of Hate Incidents & Their Families

  • ​Assistance with reporting 

  • Emotional support & safety planning 

  • Mental health resources

  • Information about your legal rights and options

  • Assistance with crime victims compensation

  • Connections to medical services, healing spaces, and other culturally specific resources

Community Members

  • Bystander intervention training

  • Know your rights information & training

  • Community events for learning, connection, healing, and celebration

  • Up to date information on safety issues in the AAPI community

  • Public safety tools 

Nonprofit Agencies,  Businesses, and Places of Worship

  • Customized trainings on hate crimes, intervention strategies, and prevention

  • Rapid response support for incidents of hate 

  • Support to prevent hate and bias for your agency

  • Access to culturally specific resources and safety tools 

Daya is a place where South Asian victims find safety through compassion, belonging, and cultural understanding. The TAAF partnership underscores the power of collaboration and community engagement, highlighting our shared responsibility of community safety.

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