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Safety Planning

A safety plan is a set of actions that can lower your risk of being hurt by your partner. A Daya Advocate will work with you to consider the many elements involved in keeping you safe at home, work, and other places that you go on a daily basis. This plan is updated as your situation changes so that you are always prepared to stay safe. 

Daya is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

For non-emergency needs, please leave a voicemail and an advocate will return your call within one business day. 

If you need immediate help with a crisis outside of normal business hours, please use the resources below. 


All Daya Services Are Confidential


While Daya assists any survivor of abuse, our services are designed to meet the cultural and language needs of South Asian survivors, residing in the Greater Houston Area. 


We are open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. If you need immediate assistance outside of these hours, please use the resources below:


If your life is at danger or you are experiencing bodily harm, please call 911. 

If you live outside of Texas and need to connect to a South Asian Domestic Violence Organization, please see a full directory here:

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal data and information about your services at Daya are kept in a secure, password protected database (Osnium) that can only be accessed by authorized Daya staff.

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