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Faces of Daya: Vijay

Vijay is a native Houstonian and a dedicated volunteer at Daya who is always ready to step up and help with whatever needs to be done. From the time he became a volunteer, Vijay has provided tremendous support for many of Daya’s new clients by lending his time and expertise for their case management needs. Vijay has built furniture, set up bank accounts, explained lease agreements, provided transportation, taken clients’ children for medical appointments, and shopped for groceries for many of Daya’s clients. Often time these seemingly small needs become monumental tasks for survivors who are struggling to rebuild their lives. Through Vijay’s support, these tasks were completed, allowing the clients to focus on other bigger needs for themselves and their children. Vijay’s proactive and unconditional support has provided positive support to Daya’s clients.

Additionally, Vijay amplifies Daya’s mission by representing at outreach events. Having seen what the effects of abuse can do to a person’s life, Vijay is passionate about increasing awareness about Daya’s services so more people can get help. Vijay has attended many community events, handing out Daya informational cards, answering questions, and engaging with the community about why domestic violence is an issue everyone should care about.

When he’s not volunteering or working as a residential realtor, Vijay enjoys yoga, visiting local museums, and watching independent films. Vijay is not only a unique face of Daya but an ally in our mission to end domestic violence.

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