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Innovative Treatment for Trauma

Since 2016, Daya has provided Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment to help clients process their trauma. After EMDR sessions, clients still remember traumatic events, but no longer relive the traumatic sensory memories, making the experience less distressing. This week, two Daya counselors, Hareema and Autoosa, attended the EMDRIA conference in California. The conference brought together EMDR clinicians from around the world to identify best practices and emerging research in the treatment of trauma. Our counselors learned tools for helping clients understand childhood attachment issues as they prepare for EMDR. They also learned the ethics of EMDR, advanced EMDR protocols for treating addiction in clients with trauma, and how to incorporate mindfulness and spirituality in clients with complex PTSD. We're proud of Hareema and Autoosa as they continue building their expertise to support Daya clients to process their trauma and reclaim their lives. 

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