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Daya Gave Me a New Beginning

To the many friends of Daya, This month we stop to give thanks for the people and things in our life. For me, Daya holds a very special space of gratitude in my heart. My story of abuse started just two weeks after getting married. My husband wouldn’t give me any money, let me work, or let me talk to anyone. He would verbally put me down and hit me in front of my children. We all lived in constant fear about what would trigger him. Everyone in the community knew, but they saw it as a private problem. We were completely isolated. After a few years, my daughter pushed me to reach out for help. When I called Daya, they were encouraging and supportive. I felt really happy and hopeful that somebody was giving me options about my situation. It felt like a miracle. Daya’s housing program was a turning point and has been one of the most important parts of my life. When I first held my keys, I cried tears of joy. To this day, my youngest son has the exact date and time memorized of when we first moved into our apartment. As we settled in, my kids started to do better. With Daya’s help, I could focus on becoming financially independent. Now, I am working and able to support my family. Before we were scared of walking around the house we shared with my husband. Now we are happy in a safe place that is our own. Along with Daya, I thank you – their donors – whose support makes it possible for Daya to be flexible and focused on solutions. If Daya had not helped me and my family, I have no idea how my life would have turned out. During this season of giving, I hope you all will consider making a donation to Daya. With your support, Daya gives more families like mine a new beginning. With thanks,


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