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Faces of Daya: Nusrat

''When you meet Nusrat you can tell that this is not an ordinary woman. She is a true hero, a superwoman. Her special forces are her positivity and humbleness. She radiates positive energy, strength, and determination to help others, to help women and nothing can stop a woman who is fiercely determined to help others. Our society needs more women like Nusrat.'' This was said by a former Daya client about Dr. Nusrat Ameen, the Senior Director of Legal Services at Daya.

Nusrat has been working to help people as long as she can remember, she has a passion for making a positive change in the world especially for marginalized people. Nusrat has made a career out of her calling through her tireless work to end domestic violence at all levels and help survivors rebuild their lives. Nusrat is also a published author, academic by education with a doctorate in domestic violence, community activist, public speaker, client advocate, and a mentor to many at Daya and beyond. Her years of experience at Daya - now at almost 12 years - has resulted in new programs, strategic changes in the way services are provided to immigrant women, and changes at the systems level due to her advocacy work. Her accomplishments include the creation of the Daya legal clinic, contributing to policy changes through her advocacy work on forced marriage, creating cultural competency training for advocates and service providers, and advocating for immigrant rights.

Beyond her accomplishments, former clients consider her to be a life long friend and family member. Nusrat radiates genuine generosity with her time and compassion, she goes above and beyond to ensure that clients and colleagues feel supported and taken care of. Nusrat is esteemed by her colleagues who value her experience and mentorship. As one fellow staff member states, "part of her legacy is nurturing and upholding new advocates so that future generations can continue to do to this work."

In light of her work and dedication to creating a better society where all are safe, empowered, and free from domestic violence, Nusrat is being honored by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at their annual conference in Washington D.C. next week. Nusrat will be granted the Lifetime Impact Award. We celebrate her accomplishments and take delight in her receiving this honor. Rachna Khare, Daya's Executive Director has this to add:

"Nusrat is the ideal partner in the fight to end domestic violence. She is a great source of providing historical context, but is also never afraid of change and presents wonderful ideas to help Daya grow. Nusrat embodies Daya values in all of her work and in all interactions with clients, partners, and the community. I am honored to call her my partner and friend. We hope for many more decades with Nusrat as a leader at Daya."

With all that she does for the community, Nusrat does find time to enjoy being with her family, doing Zumba, taking nature walks, and singing. She is a remarkable and passionate woman and a unique face of Daya.

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