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Why I Joined the Daya SAFE Program

Written by Roshni, a participant of the Daya South Asians For Empowerment Youth Program

I first heard of Daya when my parents referred a family member and a family friend with Daya's services. I was young at the time and didn’t completely understand what “domestic abuse” was, but I knew that these women were in need of help, and Daya was able to aid them. As I grew older, I learned more about the pressing issue of oppression and violence against women. Through my involvement in several clubs and leadership programs, I realized how much of an impact education and awareness can have on major issues. When my parents told me about Daya’s South Asians For Empowerment or S.A.F.E program, I was eager to join. I wanted to learn more about domestic violence, and become more connected with this organization that helps so many. At the first meeting, we had discussions about the reasons and signs of abuse and other issues faced by the South Asian community. During the discussion, I was shocked to discover the extent of this issue and the many forms it can take. My question out of this meeting was, is there a way to stop this violence?

After the first meeting, I started brainstorming ideas for my Girl Scouts Gold Award project, and I thought again of the S.A.F.E meeting that I had recently attended. When we were talking about domestic abuse, a lack of education was brought up as a reason, and awareness was brought up as a method of prevention. I then decided that I would start a youth branch of Daya as a way to bring awareness of this issue to teenagers. After drafting and re-drafting my project, I decided to start a club at my school called Daya Youth. This club will hold discussions about domestic abuse in order to educate young people and prevent domestic violence from happening in the future. We will also support Daya through volunteering our time. I will be starting this project this year, and I am beyond excited and grateful to Daya for providing me with a platform and opportunity to help spread their message to the youth.

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