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Sexual Violence can also be known and sexual assault or sexual harassment. It includes any forced, coerced, unwanted sexual contact by an intimate partner, dating partner, spouse, family member, friend, colleague, or stranger.

Sexual Violence

Some examples include:

  • Attempted rape

  • Rape - sexual intercourse or penetration without permission 

  • Sexual threats and intimidation

  • Incest - sexual contact with a family member

  • Child sexual abuse

  • Human sexual trafficking

  • Unwanted fondling or sexual touching

  • Sexual harassment and street harassment


Sexual violence is not just a private matter or a woman’s issue, it is a public health issue that can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, culture, education, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. Daya is a member and serves on the Board of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. Our staff is trained to support you with services for your safety, mental health, and legal needs. 


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