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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How do I get help from Daya?
    Call our confidential helpline (713) 981-7645 or visit our website at to send us a private message.
  • Who does Daya help and what services are provided?
    We provide free services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Services include counseling, case management, advocacy, resources, and referrals with a cultural lens.
  • Is there any cost for Daya services?
    No, all services are provided for free for the client.
  • I’m not South Asian, can I still get help from Daya?
    Yes, we provide services and referrals to anyone who is a victim or survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Does Daya only help female abuse victims?
    No, Daya helps any and all survivors of domestic or sexual violence. We support survivors across the full spectrum of genders and sexual orientations.
  • Does Daya help children facing abuse?
    While we do not provide direct services to children, we refer clients to other organizations that can help. As a social services provider, Daya is mandated to report any child abuse to Child Protective Services (CPS). Children or those seeking services for children impacted by family violence should call Daya to get help with referrals.
  • Does Daya provide services in other languages
    Yes, staff and volunteers can speak several South Asian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam
  • Do I have to live in the Houston area to receive help from Daya?
    While our direct, in-house services are geared to those in the Greater Houston Area, we connect those outside our area to partner agencies in their community.
  • If I call Daya, will a member of my family or community find out?"
    No, maintaining confidentiality and privacy is our first priority. Nothing you share will be released to family members without your written consent. Daya does not confirm nor deny the identity of current or former clients to community members.
  • Does Daya have a shelter or transitional home?
    Daya does not operate a shelter, but helps clients locate an emergency shelter through our various community partners. Daya’s transitional home was replaced with a supportive housing program which gives survivors more control and more options. The program provides limited rental assistance.
  • Does Daya have a lawyer on staff, offer legal advice, or provide immigration assistance?"
    Althiough there is no attorney on staff, our Legal Clinic provides access to pro-bono legal agencies and attorneys who provide free consultations and reduced fees. Our BIA certified staff provides assistance with immigration forms and referrals for our clients.
  • Does Daya do home visits?
    No, however Daya will meet clients at shelters, law enforcement agencies, attorney offices, and other partner agencies
  • Does Daya provide couples counseling or work with the abuser?
    No, however Daya provides referrals for both couple’s counseling and Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Programs
  • Is there is a time limit to how long a person can use Daya services?
    Daya will provide help as long as the client may need it. Clients work together with their advocate to define goals and plans.
  • I want Daya to provide a training or presentation about domestic violence at my organization. How do I set that up?
    Daya provides free trainings and presentations on a range of topics including cultural competency, domestic violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships. Request a training HERE
  • What items can I donate to Daya?
    Daya accepts In Kind Donations. Daya does not accept clothing or furniture donations.
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