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Voices of Courage


What are the voices of courage?

Courage may mean facing your your fears. Courage could mean confronting someone who was supposed to be your ally, but is now an adversary. But courage very often means taking a giant leap into the unknown. This unknown might be freedom, an opportunity, a new challenge, or perhaps even pain. But courage, as any Daya client will tell you, is not simply overcoming your fear, but understanding that there is something more important than that fear: the hope for a safe future.

For each survivor this journey is unique – some do not speak English, some are unmarried, some are dependent on their abuser for a visa, most are extremely isolated. All need Daya's help. Daya illuminates the path to for each survivor with the tools and resources needed to find safety, security, and healing.

Three of Daya's clients who have made that journey have bravely decided to tell their stories in the hopes that other survivors can also use their voices to reach out for help. We are honored to share their stories here.


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"My journey to healing from psychological abuse started at Daya’s doorsteps. Though I was never promised a rose garden, Daya helped me build one from the ashes I bought to them."




"My story is one of chaos to calm and one from control to choices. Because of Daya my life went from uncertainty to stability." 




“Daya has made life feel digestible for me and the people who know me best know that I am a much happier person today than I was when I first started receiving services at Daya.”


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Help Daya fulfill three curated registries, with clients' current needs related to safety, security, and healing. 


Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Double your donation with a company matching gift. Find out if your employer matches donations HERE


  • Celebrate a loved one with a gift in their honor – share their email to receive a card from Daya

  • Make a memorial gift to honor a loved one who valued safety and healing

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