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COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

Our confidential helpline (713) 981-7645 is still open.


You can also reach us via email at  Although we are following all CDC guidelines, all calls are being answered.


We're here to help. 


Abuse increases in times of crisis, especially when we are asked to stay home for public safety. These tips are part of a safety plan – a personalized, practical plan that helps you think through ways to remain safe while living with your abuser. 

Have you experienced a sexual assault?


Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners provides specialized care for you 24 hours a day. Call 281-306-6893 to meet with a trained nurse available at various locations throughout the city.

TXFNE Response locations

Vikash Ravi, Daya Counselor, offers tips on how survivors can stay safe while at home  in the time of Covid-19.


In times of social distancing, survivors are left more isolated and vulnerable. How can you help? We recommend our Recognize, Respond, Refer model. In this unique time, we encourage our community to stay connected to those who may need help. 

Irfana Hussain, Director of Outreach & Education on how to help someone dealing with domestic violence in the time of Covid-19.

Self Care

Self-care is not selfish. For those being harmed, those rebuilding their lives, and those offering help, self-care means taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. 

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Daya has collaborated with WellSpace TX to provide you an audio guided meditation. Practicing meditation has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. In less than ten minutes, the guided meditation can help relax your nerves, breathe a little easier and move from a place of calm throughout your day.


Find a comfortable seat, put on your headphones, and take a breather. Try this 10 minute meditation

Rachna Khare, Daya Executive Director on the importance of Self Care in the time of Covid-19.

For Children and their Parents

The Resources for Kids list includes help for supporting children, homeschooling, and free activities

Other Resources
Houston guide copy.png

The Houston Resource Kit includes resources for testing, food, clinics, financial support, and more 

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