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Daya’s statement on the US Supreme Court’s ruling in US vs. Rahimi Upholding Law Barring Abusers With Restraining Orders From Possessing Firearms

Houston, TX - June 21, 2024 - Daya Houston applauds the Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Rahimi, which upholds federal protections for domestic violence survivors. This ruling sends a powerful message that victims deserve to live without the constant threat of gun violence from their abusers.

The Court's decision to overturn the Fifth Circuit's ruling reaffirms the constitutional validity of laws prohibiting firearm possession by individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders. This is a critical safeguard for survivors, especially in Texas where in 2023, firearms were used in over 70% of intimate partner homicides.

At Daya, we witness firsthand the devastating impact of domestic violence on the South Asian community. This ruling will have significant implications for our clients as it reinforces that their protection is a priority and that the justice system recognizes the heightened risks they face when abusers have access to firearms. 

We commend the persistence and courage of survivors and advocates from Daya and across the nation whose powerful voices were instrumental in achieving this outcome. Their bravery in sharing their stories and pushing for change has made a real difference in the lives of countless individuals.

While this decision is significant, our work is far from over. Daya remains committed to advancing policies that protect survivors and families from gun violence and defending against any efforts to weaken these vital protections. We will continue to provide culturally-specific support to South Asian survivors while advocating for their safety and rights.

This ruling is a step forward in our ongoing efforts to create a society where all individuals can live free from domestic violence and the fear of gun-related threats. We expect that these protections will be effectively implemented and enforced to safeguard the lives of survivors and their families.



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