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Faces of Daya - Namita

Namita is a working professional, dancer, volunteer, and a survivor. She openly and courageously speaks about her experience as a survivor of domestic violence but refuses to be defined by it. Her abuse started early in her marriage after she came to Houston as a newlywed. Her husband would verbally and physically abuse her along with other forms of control. She never thought that something like this could happen to her as she was always an independent and self-reliant woman. She felt stuck at one point but through Daya’s support, Namita was able to get out and rebuild her life.

Namita is now a working professional at a job she loves, as well as a talented artist and dancer. She contributes to her community by organizing cultural and arts programs. Recently, she shared with us her first place award she won at an Indian dance competition for her choreography of a folk dance from her home country. Namita is also a dedicated Daya volunteer, providing support and resources to current clients who are struggling to rebuild their lives. By sharing her experience and giving back to the community, she hopes she can provide inspiration and motivation to those that are in abusive relationships. We celebrate Namita’s successes and thank her for her support of Daya’s mission. Namita is one of many unique faces and stories of Daya.

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