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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Today we kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s natural to think of domestic violence as a private issue – it happens behind closed doors, often between intimate partners. Even the term “intimate partner violence”, intuitively sets off an alarm for us to mind our own business! This year, we’re challenging you to question that instinct. Go farther and fight harder to end this public health crisis.

Consider other societal issues – the economy, mass shootings, wars, and child abuse. Even when these issues aren’t directly happening within our homes, we still feel the consequences and take action.

Domestic violence is no different.

  • Domestic costs America $460 billion each year. 

  • In 54% of mass shootings, the victims included the shooter’s current or former spouse or intimate partner, or another family member. 

  • For every battlefield death, 9 people are killed by interpersonal violence.

  • A son who witnesses abuse is 10 times more likely to abuse his female partner as an adult, a daughter is 6 times more likely to be abused.

Our challenge this month is simple, but not easy. Question conventional ideas and turn awareness into action by becoming an ally for the cause. There are many ways to join us this month, we know we can count on you! Please follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this month to stay informed and join the conversation.

Remember, we need you to make our mission a reality. Change a mindset of charity into one of community building and get involved by donating, volunteering, and sharing our work with others.


Rachna Khare

Executive Director

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