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Reflect on Independence Day this year

As we reflect on Independence Day this year, we at Daya reflect on our mission’s core – the belief that every person deserves an independent life free from abuse. We have embodied this belief for 26 years since being founded and are committed to play our part in helping survivors gain freedom.

South Asian survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault face a myriad of barriers when it comes to getting help, oftentimes making staying silent the less risky option. For 26 years, Daya staff, board members, and volunteers have worked to break the silence around domestic abuse in the South Asian community by tirelessly advocating alongside survivors and community leaders. By uplifting the voices of South Asian survivors, Daya has been able to assist more than 400 survivors reclaim independence annually. While we are proud of our work over the last 26 years, we recognize there is still much to be done. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue, survivors face higher risks and increased vulnerabilities. In just 6 months, Daya has worked alongside 280 survivors who are bravely reclaiming their freedom by ending the cycle of abuse in their relationships.

This work is not done in a silo. Daya is stronger because of the partnerships with our sister organizations who we learn and grow with. Ending the domestic violence will take all of us working in coordination and in solidarity.

We invite you to acknowledge the freedom that results from healthy relationships and independent lives. At Daya, our commitment to independence looks like providing options instead of mandates, spreading knowledge instead of blame, and letting the client lead while always having their back.

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