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Daya’s Statement on May 19, 2022 Murders in Spring, TX

The Daya team is grieving for the victims of the tragic murders in Spring, May 19, 2022. As many read in the news, a woman of South Asian origin was murdered, along with her four-year old child and mother, by her ex-husband. The devastation across our community is palpable. Family, friends, colleagues, young classmates, community members, and strangers – every one of us sits with the harsh reality that these deaths were senseless.

This collective feeling of injustice is proof that domestic violence is not a private family matter, but one that harms us all.

Reports show that this brave mother was doing everything right and dedicating her life to keeping her daughter safe and holding her abuser accountable. And yet, we’re left with the loss of three generations of mothers and daughters – the very core of our community’s heart.

Like you, we at Daya feel anger, frustration, and sorrow. In these tragic times, we also offer our ongoing support and commitment. Commitment to shining a light on domestic violence – a societal ill that only gets stronger in the shadows. Commitment to examining the many forms violence can take – physical harm, verbal tirades, psychological abuse, financial control. These tactics uphold our current, unacceptable reality in which one in five murder victims are killed by their intimate partner. Commitment to stand alongside survivors as they reclaim their safety and power; and alongside our community to break the silence that perpetuates tragedies like yesterday’s.

We hope for a world where we settle for nothing less than healthy relationships grounded in compassion, equality, and safety. We hope that you will join us in our fight to normalize these bold values. Care for survivors, speak out against abuse, and reach out for help if you are being harmed – any and every day.

To the families of the victims and our community, we send you light, love, and a promise to continue working tirelessly toward our mission of ending domestic violence through direct services, education, and advocacy.

Daya’s mission is to empower South Asian survivors of domestic and sexual violence through culturally specific services and to educate the community to end the cycle of abuse. For free and confidential safety services, please call our offices at 713-981-7645.

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