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The difference between healthy love and unhealthy love

Most of us are know the word love, but do we know how to love? Despite its importance in our life no one ever explicitly teaches us how to love. Each and everyone of us has been on the receiving end of unhealthy relationship behavior and each and everyone of us will at some point do unhealthy things to others - It can be subtle things like guilting a friend into spending time with you or sneaking a peek at your partner’s texts or shaming a child for their low grades. Unhealthy relationship behavior patterns are part of being human and in their worst form they show up as abuse. One in three women and one in seven men will experience relationship abuse in their lifetime and yet when we hear the words ‘abuse’ and ‘violence’ we push them away thinking ‘this would never happen to me.’ But the truth is, unhealthy relationships and abuse are all around us. We just call them different things and ignore the connection. Abuse sneaks up on us disguised in unhealthy love.

Here are the five telltale signs of unhealthy love:

1. Intensity

2. Isolation

3. Extreme jealousy

4. Belittling

5. Volatility

Join us on our journey this week as we explore each of these 5 telltale signs...

If you feel like your relationship is heading towards abuse or you are in an abusive relationship, seek help. You are not alone.

You can call our confidential hotline on 713-981-7645 or look for resources on our website.

This post series was inspired by a TED talk by Katie Hood.

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