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Faces of Daya - Amy

Amy is an artist, motivational speaker, survivor, and a dedicated Daya supporter. When you meet Amy, you’ll be blown away by her positive and radiant energy. She describes herself as a creative, open-minded, free spirit and she’s on a mission to bring that out in others. As a native Houstonian and second-generation Indian-American, Amy struggled to fit into the path her immigrant parents wanted for her and the creative path she wanted to create for herself. This created some tension and distance between her and her parents. Amy also experienced domestic abuse at the hands of her partner. After taking the courageous step to leave her abusive partner, Amy had to rebuild her life with a baby. Using her entrepreneurial skills, she created a business that combined her corporate experience with her passion for art. As a survivor, Amy shares her story openly to inspire others to find courage, purpose, positivity, and love in their life. While she has her hands full with being a single mom to a toddler and running her own business, Amy still finds the time to give back to the community through her art. Amy has donated her art to support Daya’s fundraising, spoken at Daya’s events, and given her time to bring awareness about domestic violence. In describing her journey, Amy says:

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope, there is laughter, there is love.”

When she’s not taking care of her son, creating art, giving back to the community, and running her business, Amy loves to dance and travel. Amy is one of the unique faces of Daya.

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