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Faces of Daya - Minoo

Minoo is a passionate and dedicated volunteer at Daya for the past year and a half. She considers herself a world citizen as she was born and raised in Africa, went to University in Asia, worked in Europe, and made a home with her husband in North America. Minoo is a new transplant to Houston, she moved here in 2017, the year Hurricane Harvey hit the city. While she has a background in finance and IT, her real passions include teaching children human values, and handicrafts. With a passion to help her local community, Minoo visited Daya’s booth at a cultural fair and decided that she had to get involved as the mission aligned with her values. Minoo is ready to provide whatever support the organization needs and has made herself an integral part of Daya's volunteer group. We know we can call upon Minoo for any support from creating a filing system at our office, dropping off groceries for a client, helping a client learn a new skill, or volunteering at an outreach event.

"In Daya, I found an organization that resonates with the values instilled in me as a child by my parents – gratitude for everything and to always offer a helping hand. These values inform how I live every single day, and are constantly reinforced in the simple but purposeful contribution I make as a Daya volunteer." - Minoo

Minoo is one of the unique faces of Daya.

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