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Meet Daya's 2024 Board of Directors

[Daya's Board of Directors pictured with Development Director, Aparna Asthana. Not pictured: Shree Hardikar Nath and Asha Desai. Photo Credit: Abante Photography]

For almost 30 years Daya has helped South Asian survivors build lives of independence and safety in the Houston area. We are thrilled to announce our new Board of Directors for 2024-2025! 

Led by Fermeen Fazal JD (Board President), this year’s Board includes Shree Hardikar Nath, MPA, MSN (Past President), Ali Shah (Secretary), Christa Jaganath - CPA and Asha Desai - CPA, (Co-Treasurers), Viji Raman (Founder), Lakshmy Parameswaran - MA, LPC (Founder), Mika Rao - MS, Soha Haque - MS, and Fatima Mohiuddin - LCSW.

Daya’s talented Board Members encompass a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds and have expertise in legal, health care, social work, finance and the nonprofit world. Speaking the many languages and practicing the many customs of South Asia, our Board is tied together by their commitment to lead our community in ending domestic and sexual violence. They speak up and show up for survivors who are often silenced by stigmas and fear. 

In 2023 Daya served 619 survivors with crisis intervention, safety planning, counseling to address their trauma, legal assistance to understand their rights, housing to start new beginnings, and job training to sustain safe, stable lives. Daya's culturally specific approach ensures South Asian survivors break through the barriers they face due to language, culture, and immigration status. Through the dedication of our Client Advocates, Counselors, Outreach, and Administrative team members, every client is shown compassion as they lead their path to safety in a nonjudgmental, warm space at Daya.

Our Board and Staff look forward to a 2024 filled with compassion, collaboration and connections with our community!

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