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South Asians For Empowerment

Did you know that domestic abuse or intimate partner violence is most prevalent amongst 18 to 24 years old? This alarming statistic shows that we’re not doing enough to educate young people about signs of unhealthy relationships and how to speak up when a relationship turns abusive. At Daya, we want to change that! We envision a world where we work together to empower children and young adults and in turn our communities to confront abuse and end the generational cycle of abuse.

Daya is excited to launch the first youth program, South Asians For Empowerment (SAFE), a dynamic program open to South Asian teens, ages 15-18 years old. Through a dynamic curriculum, participants will unpack cultural taboos, learn about healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and examine the impact of popular culture and social media on domestic and sexual violence. The program will also provide resources and mentorship to help participants take action. This program has four sessions to explore what we hear, what we feel, what we see, and what we can do: Societal Messages in the Desi Community, Healthy Relationships, Media & Social Media, Amplify & Take Action. The first meeting date is September 14, 2019.

Let’s encourage our young adults to learn and equip them with the tools and knowledge to cultivate healthy relationships and safer communities. So if you are a South Asian teen, apply to be a part of this program today! For more information email us at

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