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Standing in Solidarity

Today, the family of George Floyd will lay him to rest in our hometown. To the loved ones, the community, the city, and country we at Daya send our love and stand in solidarity with you. We remember Mr. Floyd and the countless other black lives lost to systemic racism and violence.

Since 1996, Daya has provided culturally specific services for South Asian survivors to uplift their voices, empower our underserved community, and do our part to create a safer and more compassionate world. But our community is not alone.

Black women are 4x more likely to be killed by a husband or boyfriend. Communities of color need trusted social agencies that provide services tailored to their unique risks, vulnerabilities, and disparities. Today we hope you will join us in building awareness and supporting the work of our sister organizations who are fighting for justice in the Black community.

1) Learn and start the conversations in your home:

Re-watch Daya’s April 2020 event, Brown Bodies, Bold Stories, to learn more about colorism within the South Asian community.

2) Follow the work of advocacy groups such as, Houston’s Coalition Against Hate, of which Daya is a proud member organization.

3) Support and donate to local domestic violence agencies that are providing culturally specific services for survivors in Houston’s Black community.

Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women – Led by the brilliant Dr. Conte Terrell

Community Empowerment Solutions – A social collaborative designed to fill in the gaps for the black community. Launching soon!

The Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council – Using collaboration, listening, and learning to address disparities in services for underserved communities.

4) Say their names.

Black lives matter. Black healing matters. Daya is committed to learning and serving in a way that supports equity, safety, and compassion for our Black sisters and brothers. Today among the sadness, we share love, light, and solidarity.

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